Creativity is an instinct. A drive that feeds the spirit. When we seek out what makes us feel truly alive we awaken to the possibilities within ourselves and within one another. 

Lobo Creations is my passion. It begins with fragments of cloth or leather, gathered like colorful stories, on my work table. Every piece of Lobo Creations is a carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind item — like your story. Like mine.

The fabric I use comes from all over the place. From recycled clothing and upholstery, to any fabric I can find. In some cases, I source fabric from other countries. In my travels to find fabric I have met many kind souls. We’ve shared meals. Laughter. Life. It is my intention to grow these relationships. My vision is to donate a portion of the proceeds from Lobo Creations, back to viable projects both in the countries I visit and projects closer to home.

The journey is what you make it. Be fierce in your individuality. Listen for what calls to you. Be kind. Be playful. Give back.

Lobo. Wear it well!